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It is a privilege working with our customers.  We work really hard to fill their needs and desires when it comes to the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle.  We welcome feedback from our clients.  Obviously our aim is to receive positive feedback, but if there’s an area where we have dropped the ball or can improve, we really want to hear that too.  Testimonials can be emailed to evenparautomotive@yahoo.com.

We’ve bought 2 vehicles with Mike (or Even Par). The great thing about using Mike is you’re getting a professional “car guy” to look at your vehicle before you buy it. As a result, both our vehicles have gone over 100,000 miles for us with no major mechanical issues. He got us two vehicles in excellent condition with all the options and both came in thousands under blue book. The added bonus is you don’t have to go through the hassle of dealing with car dealerships and that whole process. I’ve referred family and friends to Mike, they’ve had a great experience as well. Mike will be buying our family’s vehicles for us for as long as he keeps at this. Chris S. – Tucson, AZ

I had a great experience working with Evenpar. I’m a nervous buyer so I had a lot of questions. Mike answered all of them and I felt good about my purchase. I continue to recommend Evenpar to all my friends and family in the area. Kevin M. – Las Vegas, NV

I have used Even Par for my last three vehicle purchases:  a pickup, a large family vehicle, and a luxury sedan.  I have always been very happy with the level of service, experience, and professionalism provided by Mike and his family.  But let’s be honest, it’s mostly about price!  Whenever I have purchased from a regular car dealer, I’ve always wondered if I was really getting a good deal.  I have never had that feeling after dealing with Mike, because he will show you your savings!  There are never any smoke and mirrors or misdirection with Mike.  You’ll never hear him say, “Let me talk to my manager.”  You’ll get the vehicle you want, for a super price, and be able to work with wonderful people while doing it!  Chris W. – Tucson, AZ

I bought a Toyota Rav4 from Mike at Evenpar and I love love it!!! Mike is honest in his dealings and it was a pleasure working with him. I would recommend buying a car from         Evenpar, you can’t go wrong and Mike stands by his word.  Linda E. – Tucson, AZ

“I was referred to Mike (or Even Par) through a friend of the family.  I was having car problems, and my friend told me about a car Mike had found at the auction.  I had heard about these “auction deals,” but to humor a friend I thought I’d go check it out.  Talk about a deal!  We got the car at $5000 under KBB through Mike.  That was five years and well over 100,000 miles ago.  The car is beautiful, runs fantastic, no major mechanical issues.  It was everything we wanted and more and we got it at an amazing price!  Thank you, Team Waldbillig!”  Christy S. – Tucson, AZ

Mike and Michelle are an awesome team.  They took *all* the dread out of buying our new car!  We weren’t worried that we were being overcharged, and we weren’t worried that we’d get a car with problems.  We saved a *lot* of money over the same models that we priced at the local dealerships.  Mike and Michelle (unbelievably) were even able to make the process fun!  We drove with Mike to California and then drove our new car back home, so we ended up getting a mini-vacation at the same time.  The car was meticulously clean, and Michelle was willing and able to get car mats that I really wanted.  It has now been a little over a year with our car (named Blossom)—it has been perfect for us, and we haven’t had any problems.  If we need another car down the line, then the very first thing we’ll do is give Mike a call!  Carol B. – Tucson, AZ